Monday, November 19, 2007


I was quite disappointed to find that looking on Wikipedia for a description of the wheelbarrow (sexual position) revealed only nonsense about the hand-propelled vehicle. Surely the actual wheelbarrow has been made redundant by the internet, or something, by now?

There is a definition, proving that I haven't made this up and thus it is eligible for the IA (combining education, illustration and titillation) in the "Urban Dictionary", but the parental control on the bus wi-fi won't let me find it to link to it.


spleenal said...

great fun the wheelbarrow
"come on darling lets see if we can get round the living room more than twicec this time"

Anonymous said...

jack darling

thank goodness there is some parental control on the bus!

love mum

Jack Noel said...
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Jack Noel said...

Oh, mum! So embarassing.
Thank Christ you've posted anonymously.