Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I've bought some webstuff- domain names and hosting and PHPs and STDs and all that. The ingredients you need to cook up a website, apparently. After looking at many providers sites and not understanding any of I bought it all from because their website was the prettiest. I think it's a good deal- £25 a year for all the stuff, but you have to be a "creative" to use it so I might get kicked off any minute. I've had it for over a week now, and still have almost no idea of what to do with it.

I want to make a cool website though, that's all I know. Simple, clean and cool. The current placeholder I've got there is loosely based on this Morning Breath website which is quite nice. As a rule, it seems that design websites are very sleek and cool but not funny, and comic strip websites tend to be crude and blocky, and also not funny.

One thing I've been wasting time over for far too long is trying to generate some kind of logo for myself. Ever since I realised my name could kind of be written out with horizontal symmetry whilst revising, I've been trying endless variations. First was this, as I used as a splashpage on my first ever website:

But then I thought this might be better, for some reason. I think I wanted a black & white version for my CV header (and I'm still unemployed!?):

Then that lead to this, the same things but with some diagonal lines, which were hot property in 2006.

Then one day I changed it into this, a glossy button type affair. Which would be a great logo, but only if it was for a condom company.

What I really need, I reasoned, was something street. So I duly Googled pictures of streets and stuck the words over one of them.

But it all looks so average. That street one looks like it was designed for a poster in a Scream pub. And here is my latest attempt, trying to inject a bit more of my personality into it (and a bit of Morning Breath's too, though by now I've already forgotten why I liked their site).

Ho hum. What's the point of a logo, anyway? I'm not exactly bringing out my own stationery range just yet.
And what's the point of these long, elaborate posts while I'm at it? Shouldn't I be doing some work or trying to find a real job?

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