Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The evolution of an invitation.

It's Beatrice's birthday, and Evil Tom's too. And, as people often do on such occasions they're having a party to celebrate. I didn't on my recent birthday of course, instead choosing the safe option of a dinner with my parents. Even then, only half the invitees showed up.
I've been allowed to create the invitations for their party. I was determined to do them well and so started, like a real illustration student, doing some preperatory drawings. First Beatrice:

And then Napoleon (the party's to be at the Fortune of War, which has something to do with Napoleon)...

And then I drew this, combining all (both) my ideas:

Pretty disastrous though. Why's it all brown? Why are their faces so dirty? Who are those two freaky weirdos anyway?
Then Beatrice phoned me again, and told me to add another name to the list of hosts- I can only assume initial interest has thus far been pretty low- that of Phil, whom I have never met. So then I did this. I don't know why they look like babies though.

And to justify the time the job took, also made it up in different colour ways.

You're invited too, by the way.

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